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Directed by Ryan Haidarian - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented educational disruption with 1.2 billion children and youth impacted by school closures. Yet, despite these challenges, there is hope. This documentary focuses on the power and agency of youth. It is developed under the framework of the long-term partnership between UNESCO's Global Citizenship and Peace Education and UNODC that bridges the justice and education sectors to guide young people towards building strong, just and democratic societies. Youth’s voices are in the forefront with sentiments echoed by world leaders, policy makers, justice actors and educators to deliver a compelling message on the power of youth to move the world.

Directed by Astrid Mertens - 2020

When citizenship takes shape
With the verbal jousting exercise, Ambassadors answer the question "Is it useful to teach citizenship in school?"

Produced with the Citizen School as part of a webinar organized by UNESCO and UNODC

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