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ALEXANDER K. DOYLE, based in Brussels, is a Franco-British anthropologist, photographer, filmmaker and video editor, born in 1988.

While filming, he explores ways to transcend literary boundaries, by presenting a novel aesthetic approach to his themes. In 2013, he began his journey in documentary filmmaking by directing the unpublished film in French 'DISPOSITIF STIBIEN', rethinking Foucault’s Panopticon idea that observation creates social control, as adapted to the transport security system in Brussels. In 2017, he worked on 'CURANDEROS', a film trip through Peru in search of the hallucinogenic brew 'Ayahuasca', directed by Egor Indiani. In 2018, he directed his first published documentary in Portuguese on the future of flax in the Azores. This 25 minutes film, produced by the University of the Azores, evokes the current anthropological context around the cultivation and working of flax in Portugal.


Alexander K. Doyle has been active as an academic researcher, consultant for various NGOs worldwide or music/film festival. His passion for analog film photography led him to perfect his interest in light, detail, the very essence of materials in an attempt to sublimate the imperfect and represent the indefinable.

Partially working today for the Parisian photographic agency, Graphix Images, specialized in corporate communication, he’s developing freelance photo and film projects for NGO’s or several companies/ associations/ organizations willing to improve their visual communication (studio shooting/ conferences/ web, etc.).  

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